The Irish Draught Horse Breeders Association

The Irish Draught Horse Breeders Association was formed to preserve and promote the integrity of the Irish Draught Breed. The Association’s Members work throughout Ireland in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Marine, and Horse Sport Ireland, in creating the atmosphere for the protection of this indigenous species.

irish draght foal sitting down in a field

A Horse for All Seasons

The Irish Draught is a light draught breed that developed as a working horse on Irish farms. The breed is renowned for its strength, intelligence, courage, durability and gentle temperament.

Diary Entries

Breed History

From the earliest times horses have always been a part of Irish life. Over the years small native hoses were crossed with Norman horses and Spanish Andalusian stallions to increase the size of the native breed. In addition, the Thoroughbred has also played a significant role in the development of the Irish Draught breed throughout the centuries.