1. The Irish Draught Horse Breeders Association is the trading name of the Native Irish Draught Horse Company Limited by Guarantee (Company No.: 588974). Formerly run as an unincorporated association, the company structure was adopted by the membership at an EGM on 15th May 2016. It is a company limited by guarantee, not having share capital, in accordance with the Companies Act 2014. Membership continues to operate on an annual renual basis.
  2. There are four types of membership within the IDHBA:
  3. bullet Single Membership:
    A person who pays a single annual membership fee. Single membership entitles a person to one voting right.
    bullet Family Membership:
    Family membership is defined as persons making up a family unit, resident at the same address. The following will be considered as eligible for family membership: a husband and wife; a parent and son or daughter; a brother and sister; two brothers; two sisters; or a co-habiting unmarried couple. Family membership entitles the holders to two voting rights (one each) at a meeting of the association, provided that two (2) adult persons covered under the family membership conditions are present at the meeting.
    bullet Life Membership:
    Life membership is a once-off membership fee, which entitles a person to be a member for life. A life member is entitled to one voting right.
    1. International Membership:
      Any member resident outside of Ireland. International members will have the same voting rights as outlined above.


  1. Annual membership of the association runs from January 1st to December 31st of each given calendar year.



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